Hamlet Revisited

Hamlet Revisited


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Try this if you like: Comedy, Shakespeare, spoofs, making fun of Emo guys, funny revenge stories

Description: Hamlet from King Hamlet's point of view. And lets face it, his bookish twit of a son is a bit of a disappointment to the King. Why can't he quit with the brooding and get on with the avenging?

 But King Hamlet’s satisfaction vanished more quickly than his ghostly form did with the coming of dawn, for the prince proved impossible, dilly-dallying and shillyshallying like a boy with only enough money for one of two prized toys.


King Hamlet was almost relieved when Claudius’ minion minced in to invite Prince Hamlet to a friendly duel with Laertes. Maybe when the prince had finished trying to kill the Polonius family, he’d get back to trying for Claudius.

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