Scorched Supper on New Niger

  • Author: Suzy McKee Charnas
  • Length: 17,000 words, approximately 40 pages
  • Formats: Kindle, EPUB, PDF
  • DRM: None
  • Availability: Milkyway Galaxy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: SnackReads

" Scorched Supper on New Niger was exactly that: a tasty morsel of a story, devoured over a lunch break."-- Ana Grilo, Kirkus Reviews

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Try this if you like: Science Fiction, women in space, high stakes intrigue, uplifted cats, just desserts

Description: Space pilot Dee Steinway has so far escaped the clutches of her empire-building brother-in-law; now he has her, her feline companion, and her uniquely valuable spaceship in his sights. Will her desperate landing at a colony of traders from Old Africa lead to an escape, a delicious comeuppance, or a trap?   

Bob W. Netchkay wanted my ship and I was damned if I was going to let him have it.

It was the last of the Steinway space fleet that my sister Nita and I had inherited from our aunt Juno. Aunt Juno had been a great, tough lady of the old days and one hell of an administrator, far better alone than both of us Steinway sisters together. I was young when she died, but smart enough to know that I was a damn good pilot; so I hired an administrator to run the line for Nita and me.

Bob Netchkay administrated himself a large chunk of our income, made a bunch of deliberately bad deals, and secretly bought up all my outstanding notes after a disastrous trading season. I threw him out, but he took six of my ships with him. I lost nine more on my own.  (Longer sample ...)


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